Dunnellen Hall Asking Price Drops Again

Dunnellen Hall, Leona Helmsley’s Greenwich estate is now on the market for $60 million.  That is less than half of the $125 million initial asking price, but as the economy has slipped, so has the price.

Located on 40 acres, the brick mansion is 23,000 square feet.  Upstairs there are seven bedrooms, and in the back wing there are an additional six bedrooms for staff.  Outdoors there are guest cottages with another six bedrooms.  The house includes a glass-walled music room, a wood-paneled library accessorized with a 15th century fireplace mantel, and a decadent marble, red-carpeted expanse stairway.  Although, the living room is 1,125 square feet, and the family room has a private bar, sources say the home will need a lot of work to transform it back to its original beauty.

The indoor pool has four exposures and the 75-foot outdoor pool accompanies a terrace and cabana with a kitchen.  The entrance also features a 70-foot marble reflecting pool just behind its marble gates in the center of the driveway.
The Helmsley’s purchased Dunnellen Hall in 1983 for $9 million.  At the time they paid an extra $2 million just for the furniture.  Since then the family bought another 14 acres to bring the property total to 40 acres, where it stands today.  The Greenwich estate hit the market in February of 2008 and it has continued to drop its price as it has continued to sit on the market.

Via: Luxist