Christian Dior Announces Luxury Phone

Fashion powerhouse Christian Dior has announced the release of their second generation of luxury phones, just in time for the holidays.

In its newest evolution, the revered label demonstrates advances not only in aesthetic appeal, but also in technological features with the Fall/Winter 2009 Dior phone collection. This line will offer additional models that are gold plated and black PVD coated with encrusted sapphire crystals—enough to make other designers who are hoping to cash in on the luxury phone industry run back to their drawing boards.

Minute details that the designer refused to overlook include the mini My Dior phone. Described as a smart piece of jewelry, the brand explains it as “the miniature version of the Dior phone, which can be hooked to a bag or discreetly rest in one’s hand. For the first time, it operates alone or in tandem, allowing its user to answer or place calls without using the main Dior phone. This gem of technology operates via Bluetooth up to [45 feet] away from the Dior phone.”

Dior will also be making available, through special order only, two models that are encrusted with diamonds; the Zelie will have a red casing and will cost $7,900 and the Zenaide that will have a white casing and cost $13,400.

Look for one of these haute Dior models in the coming issue of Haute Living, where famed photographer Tatijana Shoan will once again be putting her artistic eye to the test in a jaw dropping fashion editorial.

Via: Born Rich