Caffe Abbracci Brings Italy to Coral Gables

Venetian born art and antique collector, Nino Pernetti is the proud owner of Coral Gables landmark restaurant, Caffe Abbracci, infamous for its traditional Italian food, impeccable service, and impressive art collection.

Caffe Abbracci recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary and as a tribute to the milestone, the Italian gourmand has added a magnificent new centerpiece chandelier to the establishment’s already impressive collection. The chandelier, entitled “The Bursting Sun” is a five-foot sphere with individual gold, orange, and ruby red spiral glass flame-like shapes pointing outward and supported by a subtle metal frame. The attention-grabbing new centerpiece will be hung at the core of the dining room and will be visible from all angles of the room. Existing pieces in Pernetti’s extensive collection include everything from original Dutch botanical prints from the 1800s displayed along the restaurants walls to a 10-foot radius Florentine stained glass ceiling above the bar lounge, which was imported directly from Italy. Diners can also enjoy traditional Murano glass artwork that is dispersed throughout the dining room and depict flowers with a hint of movement, almost as if they are blooming before your eyes.

In addition to penning a new cookbook in 2008, expanding his art and antique collection, Pernetti maintains his time-honored tradition of providing his astute patrons with the enjoyment of classic Italian cuisine including antipasti, pastas, fish, seafood, and succulent rib eye steaks.

Caffe Abbracci is located on 319 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables. For more details about the restaurant and the book, please visit or call 305-441-0700.