Bugatti Moves Forward with Parmigiani by its Side

In a beautiful and exclusive match made in luxury heaven, watch maker Parmigiani Fleurier and exotic car maker Bugatti are taking their craft and moving forward together.

They are bidding farewell to their Veyron partnership and introducing their next move to compliment one another’s designs. Parmigiani has crafted an intricate tourbillon timepiece to perfectly counterpart with Bugatti’s new Gablier line of automobiles.

But before the world can experience the latest in prestigious cars and watches, Parmigiani is putting the Veyron production to an end by paying tribute to the watches with two unique examples of its sideways-mounted manual timepiece. One is made of 18 karat rose gold, while the other is made of platinum 950 and both watches were handed over to master engraver Philippe Bodenmann. Mr. Bodenmann subsequently put a total of 300 man hours into each, hand etching complex designs into the watches cases. The wrist band is made of calfskin, provided by Hermes, ensuring that the final result is as priceless as can possibly be.

With the collaborators continued partnership and anticipated new design, the Bugatti Tourbillon is released. The mechanical timepiece is extraordinary when it comes to its multiple functions. It is capable of attaching to a wrist, being mounted on the Bugatti Galibier’s dashboard, function as a pocket watch, or be docked in a desk clock unit. The watch has a tourbillon complication and a power reserve indicator and will expectedly go for more than $1 million; but of course that’s no surprise considering the amazing car this watch is designed to be paired with.

Via: Luxist