Briatore & His Real Estate Beacon

Notorious lothario, though recently wed, Flavio Briatore, has some real estate up for grabs.  Listed at $25 million, this bachelor pad located at One Beacon Court is a 4br/4.5 bath unit that has been remodeled into a 2br/5.5 bath with a library that can be converted back to a bedroom.

Aesthetically speaking, the decadent Alberto Pinto has transformed the apartment into an uber-luxurious locale to symmetrically offset the towering New York City skyline as well as Central Park.  Zebra print accentuates the dinette set, and pop-art items like a chandelier shaped as a question mark serve to luxuriously highlight the space without making it feel like a stark museum.

Le Cirque serves as the neighborhood eatery, which some may feel makes up for the undersized kitchen. Another area the unit is lacking—the alleged “library” apparently is not only lacking actual books, but also bookshelves.

Continue through the public areas and come upon the bedrooms.  The hotel-suite style second bedroom is the precursor for the true gem of the unit—the master bedroom. This master serves to outsize a majority of entire American homes.  With an entrance hallway, windows that encompass floor to ceiling heights, a half-dozen closets (four are walk-in), a dressing room, two large bathrooms, and an adjacent exercise room that could also be converted to staff quarters.  The only thing lacking in this area of the apartment is originality, as it resembles an impersonal hotel room.  This is largely due to the fact that the rooms have been prepped for new tenants and therefore are fairly bare.

Neighbors of this plus-size property include General Electric CEOs (one past, one present), Beyonce & Jay-Z, and NBC anchor Brian Williams.

Additionally, for $65k per month, he leases out a separate property in the famed Plaza, but don’t get your hopes up at the thought that he may have left some of his supermodel ladies lingering about the premesis—Briatore himself has never actually been inside (or even seen!) the eighth-story penthouse.  The property was listed for sale with a $38 million pricetag, up until this week when he opted to lease.

Briatore has become globally infamous, not necessarily for his business endeavors (Benetton clothing and the Formula 1 racing world, among several others); but more for his little black book brimming with his supermodel conquests—including the likes of Naomi Campbell and estranged baby-mama Heidi Klum, before “settling down” by marrying and impregnating lingerie model Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Via: Realestalker