Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is an art exhibition that drives you through the silent voices of a generation known for sharing a prolific mindset. A generation fruitful in urban tribes and pioneer in the freedom of artistic expression. A generation with so much to share and so much more to hide.

Behind Closed Doors tells you about people driven by passion and desire to be different. People connected through music, art, and fashion searching for their own identity. People without the Internet, hiding behind closed doors to avoid criticism from those who were ready for the change.

Jaime Robinson, captures the images and feelings of those who are behind those closed doors, letting you all in once again to The Chelsea Hotel in the 80’s and one of a kind drag queen portraits from the 90’s, while Carla Fache share her conceptual vision of the eighties through a special art collection inspired in the 80’s paradigms shift.

Recharge yourself with the energy and creativity of one of the most interesting decades! The 80’s are back again and this is your opportunity to relive them through a threesome of photograph, music and paintings. If you grew up in the 80’s come and open your senses to one of the most distinguish decades of art expression. If you weren’t around in the 80’s come and experience what you missed!

Complementary Drinks, Live Entertainment and the best music from the 80’s, don’t miss this opportunity!!