The Tools of the Masters

Golf is one of the world’s most beautifully maddening sports. Luckily, golfing equipment companies are striving every day to improve the tools of the game, helping to put yards on your drive and increase the accuracy of your putt.

The professionals have access to all of the game’s best toys, and considering they spend their days focusing on little else than the pursuit of perfection, pros and novices alike should follow their lead. So when deciding which products to feature in this month’s Haute Choice article, we turned to two of the biggest, most successful names in the sport: Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. We figured whatever is in their bag is good enough for us.

First, let’s start with Tiger. He is a Nike athlete through and through. This summer, he has been hitting the greens with the Nike SQ DYMO driver, Nike Blades (3-PW) irons, Nike SQ2 3 wood (15 degree) and 5 wood (19 degree) fairway woods, and the Nike VR 56 degree and Nike SV 60 degree wedges. Tiger’s putter is a Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2, and his ball of choice is the Nike ONE Tour.

The all-new Nike SQ DYMO drivers are engineered to optimize launch and spin of the ball, as the folded round geometry provides workable distance and control. Not only do the grips feel fantastic, they were designed to give the handler more control and power, shot after shot. Tiger’s SQ2 fairway woods, designed for higher launch and greater distance, have extremely lightweight shafts so golfers can power through with more speed and stability. The High Rev grooves on the VR 56 degree wedge produce maximum spin for increased shot placement, and the CNC milled-flat was designed for consistent ball flight.  For more predictable distance and shot patterns, Tiger uses his SV 60 degree wedge. Not only does this club provide ultimate accuracy and spin rate, the grooves remove more grass, dirt, and water, permitting solid contact with the ball. While it is important to have the right clubs, Tiger knows that using the perfect balls is essential. Nike ONE Tour balls have a seamless urethane cover and Power Transfer Technology creating heightened distance, accuracy, control, and feel.

Vijay Singh’s caddy can be seen carrying around a bag heavy with Cleveland Golf clubs and a Never Compromise putter. The Big Fijian has been sponsored by Cleveland Golf since 2000, and Never Compromise since 2004. He is playing the 2009 season using Cleveland’s Launcher ’09 driver and fairway woods, CG Tour irons, CG12 wedges, a Never Compromise putter, and Srixon balls.

The CG4 Tour irons are different than the original CG4 irons, with a shorter blade that creates a more compact head for improved workability and greater trajectory control. Vijay’s CG12 wedges help optimize spin on the ball while giving players of all levels enhanced distance control, and the larger groove volume channels more debris for increased contact with the ball. The Never Compromise, NCX-Ray putter has Suspended Face Technology that optimizes ball-velocity across the face, limiting the surface area in contact with the ball for better directional dispersion. The Srixon balls used by Vijay have an ultra-thin urethane cover technology, larger core and softer cover for better distance, spin, and feel, along with newly developed 324 seamless dimples that help reduce wind resistance.

Both Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh are golf legends. In order to perfect their game and come out on top, it is critical that they carry the best clubs and balls in their bags. Nike, Titleist, Cleveland Golf, and Never Compromise make it their duty to engineer top-of-the-line items to help increase performance and accuracy of superstars and regular players who are just learning the game.