Live in Cannes, France for $262 million

Ultra-luxury manor does not even begin to describe the extreme lavishness of the latest real estate listing coming out of Cannes, France. Listed at $262 million, the 16 bedroom incomparable Florentine-style villa, dubbed La Croix-des-Gardes, is situated on a 27 acre hillside and needs a new family to tend to its exquisite nooks and crannies.

The seller is notorious Turkish-Saudi Arabian billionaire and arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. He is known for his more controversial headlines, such as being implicated, and later acquitted, in the Iran-Contra arms deal. On the other hand, luxury commodities are a way of life for Mr. Khashoggi as he previously has owned an 18,000 square-foot condo at the Olympic Tower in New York City, at least two jets, and at one time he was the proud owner of a 281-foot boat which later was owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Donald Trump, and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

This week, Mr. Khashoggi is turning some high-net-worth heads yet again, but this time the headlines involve immaculate winter garden sculptures, waterfalls, water–jets, and a swimming pool that peers seductively over the hillside providing an unbeatable view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Inside the main house of this deluxe mansion you will find a reception hall, lounge, dining room, winter garden, walk-in closets, library, kitchens, and a study. On the first floor there are 6 bedrooms, but taking the elevator up to the second floor you will find 2 large suites before hitting the third floor which consists of an additional 4 bedrooms and accompanying bathrooms.

Take an elevator ride south of the main floors and you will encounter a basement comprised of cellars, a 6 car garage, a staff apartment and kitchen, and 2 additional bedrooms and a bathroom. If you’re still concerned about having enough room for all of your visitors, there is also a 4 bedroom guest pavilion, a 2 bedroom gardener’s accommodation and an extra studio apartment. Perhaps not surprisingly, after looking at the magnitude of this estate, the listing also reportedly states that there is an extra maid’s room underneath the swimming pool.

Vive la France!

Via: The Real Estalker