A Penthouse Like None Other

The Fairmont: one of San Francisco’s most prized pieces of luxurious properties, one that’s loaded with history and has a knack for impressing even the most fortunate and well-to-do. But a recent renovation of its penthouse suite now has more jaws dropping that usual. Both JFK and Prince Charles have stayed there, so it’s no surprise that when it came time to give the historical suite a facelift, there would be no idea, addition, or feature too grandiose.

The suite takes up the entire eighth floor of the hotel and features three bedrooms, a dining room that seats 60, a library, and a terrace with an exquisite view. Other epitomes of perfection include a butler, masseuse, personal trainer, housekeeper, chef, and a fully stocked kitchen. But the best selling point and amenity that will keep you checking in time and time again is the Ferrari California that comes with the suite. Yes, you read correctly — the immaculate $15,000 a night suite comes with your own personal use of this beautiful automobile. Too good to believe? Go ahead and book it, I dare you.

And the abovementioned library is a spectacle as well. It takes up two stories and is loaded with as much information as you may ever need. Above the tightly stocked shelves is a stunning ceiling that will surely take breaths away. It depicts the night sky and has constellations decked out in gold leaf. And as if wasn’t possible to get any better, to top it all off, there’s even a secret passageway behind the upper bookcases.

So, a night in Fairmont’s penthouse: incredible furnishings – check! A Ferrari that would make grown men and all car lovers cry – check! An amazing experience and memories to last a lifetime –check! The only thing missing is your fabulous self there, so book now.

Via SF Examiner