Lamborghini + Audigier + EDO = Exclusive Wow!


In cooperation with internationally acclaimed designer Christian Audigier, EDO Competition has pulled out all the stops to create the fastest Lamborghini ever made. The result is the Lamborghini Murciélago LP710 Limited Edition by EDO Competition and Christian Audigier. The limited edition edo LP 710, of which only five will be produced, is a vehicle engineered to the highest standards, combined with Christian Audigier’s unusual themes and unparalleled sense of color. It features a modified engine, aerodynamics, wheels, tires and exhaust system. Insanely exclusive, only five units will be built. It comes with a re-styled exterior and interior with unique designs on the seats, door panels and center console. Marcus Pfeil, an artist who specialized in custom painting from Pfeildesign in Austria, custom paints the machine, and each owner can personalize his/her car by choosing from a wide range of themes. Each car can be completed in three months, and, along with the purchase of the vehicle, the customer gets the opportunity to drive his Lamborghini LP 710 to the limit (224 mph), either at the high speed oval in Papenburg, Germany or at Nardo, Italy. Upon request, Lamorghini’s test driver and pro racer Patrick Simon will coach the proud owner at the racetrack.