Own Your Own Paradise at Deer Cay Island


Looking to discover utopia? Leonardo DiCaprio and Francis Ford Coppola already have, with property in the exotic surf and turf of Belize. Now you can somewhat be neighbors with them (Leo’s three miles away), as Fortune Investments, Ltd. is offering the opportunity to own a 600-acre stretch of exclusive beachfront property off the mystical coast of Belize at Deer Cay Island. This large private island is situated just a few miles by sea from Belize City’s international airport, near the reef. It’s nicely elevated, and has several small coves along its shores. The swimming here is excellent, as is the scuba diving. The reef off Belize’s coast (the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere) is considered one of the world’s premier areas for scuba diving, due to the variety of undersea life. And the fishing? Insane. Awesome. An angler’s dream. The property itself is a developer’s dream, with ample room for a hotel and casino, over-the-water bungalows, beach villas, golf course, private airstrip, and extensive residential or resort complexes. Make all your precious moments perfect, as your only concern will be to relax on your exclusive getaway vacation for your guests. Check out investinbelize.net for more info.