It seems that art enthusiasts are constantly in search of new artists to follow and collect, and Paul Balmer seems to be one of these new favorites by many aficionados and best known for his highly identifiable cityscapes. He is truly an international man, and his art reflects this. Balmer was born in South Africa and lived there until the age of 17 when he moved to Australia. There he studied Fine Art at the Drawing School in Sydney, and then moved into Graphic Design at the Sydney Institute of Technology. His love of art inspired some European adventures to England, France, and Italy. He has finally settled on New York as home, and uses the metropolis’s cityscapes for the subject of many of his paintings and drawings. Though his subjects are urban, the textures, colors, and abstract shapes all show influences of his South African and Australian roots and European travels. His presence at Art Basel earlier this month cultivated a strong following and interest in his work. His work can be viewed at 2 Spring Street in NYC’s Soho district.