Parisian Dream


Elle Decoration has commissioned a suite in the Parisian apartment of famed French architect and designer Jacques Carlu’s to be transformed into an art installation in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Headed by Martin Margiela and his team, the 250-square-meters extended by a terrace with stunning views of Paris will be filled with Christian Lacroix’s collection of architectural models, art, contemporary furniture, vintage items signed by leading designers, as well as vintage photos and accents. Carlu was best known for the Palais de Chaillot, built in the thirties, and his work in the Art Deco style. His apartment is one of the most outstanding Parisian residences, having withstood both the good and bad times of history. The juxtaposition of architecture and design creates a brilliant fusion of new and old, the perfect celebration for Elle Decoration. The theme will change several times throughout the year to reflect Lacroix’s lifestyle and inspirations and will open to the public.