Michael Mina’s XIV


Chef Michael Mina will open his first Sunset Boulevard restaurant, XIV, created in collaboration with the Restaurant and Nightlife division of SBE and Sam Nazarin. With a long roster of successful restaurants and a trio of Michelin stars to his name, Michael Mina’s first Los Angeles venture promises to carry on the tradition of modern American cuisine with European touches.

The Philippe Starck interior of XIV is chateau-inspired with contemporary touches. The innovative design includes contrasting stainless steel panels, antique paintings, black and white photographs, fireplaces, and knick-knacks.  Were it not for the open kitchen around the perimeter the space might feel like a living room. Diners can also take a seat on the patio.

Aside from the intriguing décor, the biggest reason to go to one of Michael Mina’s restaurants is the food. Mina is known for creating classic and fun dining experiences using refined ingredients, in which three small single themed dishes are served on one plate. This new menu is a variation or deconstruction of his usual format, doing away with the traditional structure of courses and instead presents dishes individually to guests to create their own tasting menus. The 35 categories range from seafood to poultry, to meat and cheese, fruits, nuts, and cheese. There is even a vegetarian menu that exactly mirrors the regular one. In order to create a social dining experience, each selection is prepared for the table so diners must agree on what to order from this extensive list. Wines are chosen to complement individual menus, regardless of region or country. The countless combinations are certain to please diners’ palates.

Via Luxury-Insider