Cigar Culture


Cigars have long been the object of men’s affection. They take smoke breaks, don the ubiquitous smoking jacket, purchase expensive humidors and even become lifelong subscribers of “Cigar Aficionado,” all to revel in their passion. And like with most connoisseurs, not just any kind will do; only the best, most aromatic variety are deserving of these gentlemen’s humidors. Quality cigars often carry hefty price tags, most deriving from the Americas and the Caribbean. Among the better-known brands are Cuba’s coveted Cohiba’s, widely accepted as the best cigars in the world. However, these tobacco marvels are still not the most expensive.

Previously holding the title for most expensive cigars in the world were the “Behike,” manufactured by Altadis of Spain. Their name derives from the tribal chief of the Cuban/pre-Colombian Taino tribe and is only produced in limited quantities of approximately forty thousand. The grand total for a box containing forty of these Cohiba’s? A whopping $18,846.

Unfortunately, the “Behike” has been dethroned. Not to be outdone by their predecessors, Gurkha’s premier cigar, His Majesty’s Reserve, is now considered the world’s most expensive cigar. These high-priced collectibles are not only made with premium tobacco but also infused with a generous amount of Louis XIII Cognac in a process that retains the flavor of the tobacco. Fewer than one hundred boxes are produced annually under the supervision of Gurkha’s president himself. His Majesty’s Reserve cigars will set you back about $750 EACH.

These cigars are sure to give the phrase “smoke break” a whole new meaning.

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