Christian Lacroix Set to Design Epic Hotel in Dubai


Acclaimed international hot-spot Dubai has recently teamed up with international sensation and design guru, Christian Lacroix. Lacroix will provide the lavish and ornate style and ambiance of the façade, interior, and lobby of the 38-unit building. This unlikely meeting of forces will bring to fruition a hotel, which is to be erected on the coast in Dubai and will focus on a myriad of influences pulled together seamlessly by mastermind Lacroix. The residential tower will be constructed to represent regions all over the world, both east and west. It is also a dynamic project meant to create a sense of old world baroque charm with a contemporary flare.

Lacroix’s opulent, fantasy creations are said to have drawn inspiration from many diverse cultures over the years, including Easter carnival-time in France during his childhood-full of vibrantly dressed women. The Dubai tower is sure to be aesthetically stunning and modern, although tastefully reminiscent of ornate fashion of the past. With no word on when construction will begin, what the building will be named, or how much the units will sell for, the newest addition to the Dubai landscape is sure to wow the wealthy and intrigue real estate investors the world over.

Via Luxist