Watch and Learn


In a sea of replicas, assembly line fashion, and knockoffs, it’s becoming increasingly hard to distinguish oneself from the masses. Today’s discerning style enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs constantly look for new ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. And one essential item in every fashion-forward individual’s closet is the exclusive wristwatch.

BRM delivers true luxury through the finest engineered timepieces available. BRM employs complex components, titanium cases, and exclusive, engine-inspired movements, capturing the latest in racing technology for style-savvy shoppers. Insisting on perfection, BRM watches are entirely handmade at the company’s factory in Magny-sur-Vexin, located just outside of Paris. One of owner and designer Bernard Richards’ greatest triumphs has been the development of a watch movement with a double rotor, one that transcends the standard ETA and Valjoux movements.

Every piece is unique, and because each watch is finished by hand, it is nearly impossible to find two individual pieces, which is definitely good news for trendsetters.