Shower: Party of Two


That not-so-fresh feeling is now a thing of the past. Thanks to a $100,000 SilverTAG shower, every inch of your body will be thoroughly cleansed and will satisfy even the most discriminating OCD germ-a-phoebes.

But would anyone actually buy this shower? Taylor Galyean, the shower’s inventor, believes that people will. Hydrotherapy has been around since the ancient Roman times and is making a strong comeback, particularly amongst Swiss-designed showers. Once Galyean tried one out, he was instantly hooked. Unfortunately, these Swiss-designed showers had to be manually operated by a technician – so for those of us who like showering alone, the market for a shower with an RSVP for two or more isn’t too enticing.

Luckily, Galyean’s honed sense of nepotism came in handy and he dutifully hired his engineer brother and spa designer father to create a computerized version. The shower uses 65-gallons of water per minute and is truly a magnificent way to cleanse your system from all of its toxins. SilverTAG’s sequences include invigoration, relaxation, and increased circulation.
Shower anyone?

Via BornRich