Forbes lists 10 priciest home sales of 2007

A compilation of media reports, real-state broker statements and consultant interviews have led Forbes to create its list of the 10 priciest U.S. home sales of 2007.

In the end, the ten homes, listed in price from to

While the sales did include a couple California-area sales involving celebrities like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Courtney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette, the majority of the big-time real estate movement came courtesy of the folks on Wall Street, where paying $30 million for a pad is even more common than it is among Hollywood stars and starlets.

The list excludes land sales and properties in escrow, both of which would have heavily influenced the list. For example, Louis Bacon, who is the head of Moore Capital Management, purchased more than 170,000 acres in Colorado for $175 million, which easily would have topped the list if land sales were allowed.

In the end, the top honor goes to Harry Macklowe, a New York-area developer, who purchased almost an entire floor at the Plaza Hotel for $60 million – a figure that equates to $6,287 per interior square foot.

Now THAT’S Haute Living.

Via Forbes