Colorado’s McAfee mansion on sale yet again

Jeffrey Patrick Wu, a 29-year-old Chicago commodities trader, is putting the McAfee mansion, located in Woodland Park, Colorado, up for sale, after purchasing the home in May.

The home is listed at $8.9 million, a hefty $3.2 million hike over the price Wu paid for the purchase ($5.72 million) just six months ago. But (and this is a big BUT), when Wu purchased the home in auction, the home, once owned by antivirus software manufacturer John McAfee, was expected to fetch $20 million.

Sitting on more than 280 acres of beautiful Colorado scenery, the 10,000-square-foot mansion features five master suites, and 19 bedrooms overall. With four trout lakes, picnic tables sprinkled throughout, and a horse paddock, this estate is the perfect liaison between upper-echelon business and the intrinsically beautiful natural surroundings.

A media room and a fitness center are additional luxurious touches to this inspirational residence. But then again, when you live on THIS piece of land, who wants to watch TV or jog on a treadmill?

Oh, that’s right. Maybe someone staying in one of the mansion’s 18 OTHER bedrooms.

Via Luxist