De Beers watch collection now available online

De Beers, the world’s most well renowned diamond expert, has unleashed its entire wristwatch catalog online in time for your viewing for the holiday season.

Not that you really need a holiday celebration to justify the purchase of one of these diamond-studded wonders. These sophisticated yet simple timepieces are created with the same discerning eye for quality that De Beers employs for its diamonds. And, of course, these watches DO come with diamonds. And plenty of them.

The Talisman Suntime Watch, one of the more popular in the Talisman series, features a total carat weight of 2.35 with an 18-karat gold ardillion buckle. The centerpiece of the watch is a rough, unpolished diamond in the center of the circular face, a welcome reminder that you are getting a watch from the world’s foremost diamond expert.

The Talisman 8 features the same high quality, but on a more contemporary polygonal face. We suggest you take a look at this model that goes for $38,000.

Now that’s a lotta bling.

Via Luxist