Artist Lincoln Schatz delivers The Cube to The Pulse Miami Beach

What weighs 1,600 pounds, features more than 20 cameras, and is forged out of Plexiglas and steel?

Don’t worry; we didn’t think you’d have an answer.

But if you plan on descending upon the world-famous Art Basel Miami Beach festival (and then hitting one of the off-shoot fairs dubbed The Pulse, located at SoHo Studios 2136 NW 1st Ave in the Wynwood Arts District.), you’ll find soon enough that the answer to the question is as simple as middle-school geometry.

But this isn’t just any cube, this is The Cube, and it’s on its way to South Florida after a one-month exhibition in San Francisco. And, with its “generative portraits” – video images that are randomly dissected and reassembled – art aficionados will be buzzing about this unique art’s equally unique message.

Said Schatz: “To the people who really get it, I think it’s inspiring. I’m simply creating a framework, a hole through which things take place.”

If you’re inspired just by Schatz’s words of wisdom, imagine what it will be like at Art Basel Miami Beach when you step foot inside this marvelous cube, which is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience unrivaled in modern art.

Via Apple