London, New York named markets to watch in 2008

Newsflash: New York is rated the top domestic real estate market to watch in 2008.

In other news, toast is made from bread.

Sure, it might not come as a surprise, but it certainly never is a labor to talk about all that the city that never sleeps has to offer.

With nearly eight million international visitors expected in the United States’ most internationally diverse city, New York is once again slated to profit magnificently on tourism. The increased traffic can only help the burgeoning luxury market, both for consumer products and real estate.

Much of the luxury market boom will be thanks to international businesses, well aware that their brand name recognition among international clientele would make New York the perfect U.S. market to which they could expand their services.

London is considered the top international real estate market to watch, yet another sign that the cities with the most to offer will always be profitable thanks to interest that will never ebb.

As if you really needed another reason to visit.

Via The Real Deal