The Country’s Most Expensive Blocks!


Forget about the most expensive countries, or cities…we found the most expensive blocks in real estate from 10 cities across the U.S.

Based on the geographical location of each city’s most opulent listings, the results are:

-Enclosed in an iron-fenced community, Boston’s most expensive block is the private square in Beacon Hill, with the largest and most sumptuous homes.

-Chicago’s renovated and developing block between Willow, Howe, Burling and Orchard, where the windy city’s wealthiest families reside.

-New York’s acclaimed Fifth Avenue between 69th and 70th street for its record-breaking listings.

-Unlike most locals would claim, in Dallas the most expensive block is in University Park on Turtle Creek Boulevard.

-Houston’ s Willowick Road and Knollwood Street in the River Oaks Country Club holds the most expensive properties, though local luxury brokers stand firm behind the block of Lazy Lane between Inwood and Kirby to have the most expensive homes.

-The city of Angel’s Carolwood Drive at the intersection of Hanover Drive, perfectly situated between the famed Bel Air Country Club and Los Angeles Country Club topped the list for Los Angeles which does not include Beverly Hills.

-San Francisco’s “Billionaire’s Row” located on Broadway and Presidio easily got the title as the block is named after the numerous movie stars and Wall Street hot shots who call it home.

-Seattle’s prime location of Madison Park surrounded by gorgeous city parks, topped the list on the Lake Washington Boulevard block between East Denny Laine Place and Howell Place.

-Miami’s gated community on Leucadendra Drive in the prestigious Coral Gables Estates.

-And lastly, the country’s capital, the District of Columbia who’s most expensive block lays on Woodland Drive between McGill Terrace and the park.

So there you have it, next time visiting one of these cities make sure to take a drive down these blocks to get a taste of the region’s most extravagant real estate.

Via Forbes