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  • NAME Laura Schreffler
  • BIO Laura Schreffler may not have been born in Los Angeles, but she considers herself to be a tried and true California girl. This former columnist, celebrity editor and pop culture expert plans on riding off into the Hollywood sunset as she enjoys the life of a gal about (Tinsel)town as the Los Angeles Editor of Haute Living. She lives to travel, loves beauty, adventure sports and being mischievous. Her first book - a dating guide - will be published this fall.

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9 Essential Organic Beauty Products You Must Own

Living in Los Angeles, inevitably your beauty routine revolves around two things: Hollywood glamour and the concept that less is more. When it comes to the latter, we’re all about keeping our makeup simple, stunning and au natural, and we’ve found through tried and true experience that using mineral makeup is the best way to do so. It doesn’t clog your pores, actually helps the texture of your skin and looks beautiful on your face. Here are nine of our essentials: the organic beauty products you must have in your makeup bag at all times.