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  • NAME Laura Schreffler
  • BIO Laura Schreffler may not have been born in Los Angeles, but she considers herself to be a tried and true California girl. This former columnist, celebrity editor and pop culture expert plans on riding off into the Hollywood sunset as she enjoys the life of a gal about (Tinsel)town as the Los Angeles Editor of Haute Living. She lives to travel, loves beauty, adventure sports and being mischievous. Her first book - a dating guide - will be published this fall.

Artcles By Laura Schreffler

Rachel Roy Designs Her Own Life; Stich by Stich

This question—posed to Rachel Roy by her daughter Tallulah—is asked in the innocent way that only a child has. The six-year-old has just come home from school to find her mother dressed to the nines in a black trench dress, looking perfectly polished and coolly composed: a bright, shining example of a sophisticated career woman.