Top 10 European Countries for Superyachts

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syacht1Maybe it is the World Cup games, but it seems that the spirit of competition surrounds us these days. Even when it comes to the number of superyachts on the seas being built around the world. Which European country is launching the most superyachts?

According to a report by, Italy is the leading European country in launches of superyachts … with about 1,000 of these deluxe vessels.syacht3

The Netherlands, the U.K., Turkey, Germany, and France all have at least 100 superyachts to their credit.

For this study, a superyacht  measures between 30 and 40 meters in length to be in this league  syacht2

Superyachts Built in  Europe

List courtesy of

  1. Italy ….. 1,000
  2. The Netherlands …. 226
  3. United Kingdom …. 226
  4. Turkey …. 226
  5. German …. 100
  6. France …. 100
  7. Spain …. 50
  8. Finland …. 25
  9. Greece …. 25
  10. Denmark …. 25


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