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Luxury Attaché’s Top 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls

Sushi connoisseurs unite! Luxury Attaché’s compiled a Top 5 Spicy Tuna Roll list that will pump up any deluxe business lunch or luxurious Omakase dining experience.

21 Ninth Avenue, between Little West 12th and 13th Streets www.catchnewyorkcity.com


EMM Group's Catch is a spunky Meatpacking spot that packs in flavor to each of its delectable bites. The Hellfire Roll, spicy tuna two-ways, pear and balsamic ($14), is just one of the sushi additions that is absolutely worth trying. Seemingly nontraditional, the combination of flavors in this roll elevates the standard spicy tuna roll to a whole other level.
402 East 78th Street, between First and York Avenues www.sushiofgari.com

Sushi of Gari

For a more traditional style roll, check out Sushi of Gari. This notable Japanese restaurant is both authentic and elegant. The spicy tuna roll ($9) is everything you'd expect from a classic roll, yet kicked up a notch with the incomparably fresh taste. And if you happen to be feeling a little wild, don't miss Sushi of Gari's Omakase
61 West Eighth Street at Sixth Avenue www.netanyc.com


This new-age and trendy spot brings warm service to its cool flavors. Meaning "fresh ingredients," Neta values a unique dining experience set apart from others of its kind. Their spicy tuna roll ($11) is just one of those menu-staples you'd feel guilty passing up. Neta is a NYC hot spot certainly worth putting on your radar.
12 West 21st Street, near Fifth Avenue www.senrestaurant.com


This newly opened Flatiron spot is chic, modern, and perfect for groups. Their Hot Tuna roll, special tuna accented with three spiced chili sauce, ($14) is a sushi-staple that makes this buzzing new space truly exemplary. Enjoy a perfectly paired cocktail from Sen's extensive beverage menu to refresh your palette after this spicy roll.
30 Hudson Street at Duane Street www.davidbouley.com/brushstroke-main


David Bouley's long-awaited high-end Japanese establishment Brushstroke, an angular ground-floor space on Hudson Street, is taking Tribeca by storm. Rooted in tradition with a modern edge, Brushstroke's incomparable Omakase menu features a spicy tuna roll that's simply to die for.
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