Why Jere Metcalf Is Becoming The Go-To Voice For Luxury Real Estate Agents

Considering the prevalence of social media and streaming platforms as well as the emergence of various virtual reality universes, the digital world is more ingrained in our lives than ever before. While some brands and public figures utilize disruptive technology to exploit and manipulate the average person, some visionary leaders pair their moral vision, authentic personality, and professional expertise to use disruptive technology to help others find their life’s mission and reach their true potential.

Innovative technology has enabled these new media mavens, digital entrepreneurs, and online coaches to find the people who need their help and communicate their message in creative ways that resonate. This is particularly true with real estate content creators and coaches as the demand for knowledge about the industry has tangibly increased in recent years, especially thanks to the booming popularity of reality shows like Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa.

The podcasting medium in particular has become a focal point of consumer interest for seeking knowledge about how to develop into a successful real-estate agent, especially for the younger generation who view it as a more trustful, reliable source than television.

One of the shows connecting with real estate agents and entrepreneurs due to the host’s refreshing melange of experiential knowledge gleaned from top real estate agents as well as open-minded and unapologetic viewpoints is the “Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do it,” also known as, Jere Metcalf Podcast.

Hosted by the uniquely compelling Jere Metcalf, founder of JMPartners and former top luxury real estate broker at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty, the podcast illuminates irreplaceable lessons and important trends about the real estate industry through stimulating discussions between Jere and one of the many real estate leaders in her network like Mayi de la Vega or Nikki Field.

While new listeners may be drawn in by the appeal of Metcalf’s premier guests, they stay to listen to Metcalf expertly guide the conversation through industry nuances and extract strategic gems that listeners can use to foster their careers. Metcalf dynamically responds to the energy and style of her guests allowing her to pull the most interesting stories and tactics out of them. We learn through the process that there’s no one glove fits all type of assembly-line product that works for all agents, but rather that each agent has to play to his or her strong suits to develop a clientele that finds the agent uniquely compelling just in the way buyers find luxury properties uniquely compelling (and hence worth the value).

The popularity of the Jere Metcalf podcast has created a demand for Metcalf to speak, coach, and consult for global and local boutique luxury brands such as Corcoran Reverie along the coastline of the Panhandle of Florida, Greenwich Sotheby’s International Realty in Connecticut, and ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in South Florida to name a few.

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Written in partnership with Ascend