The Rumored New Single ‘Another Star,’ Fans Demand New Earthquake Lights

It has been a stellar year for the Brooklyn-based band Earthquake Lights. Amassing millions of streams alongside numerous chart-topping singles, fans are demanding more Earthquake Lights and are demanding it now.

The band has created quite the hype around the potential single ‘Another Star’ from a cryptic social media hint left by the band on social media platforms.

For most of the year, the group has dropped singles almost every six weeks to two months, which by our calendars shows the fellas are a bit overdue; hence the antsy calling from supporters around the globe.

Given the momentum of the New York-based act, fans are upset they have not been included or nominated in any award ceremonies or have graced most mainstream outlets. As a witness to the outcry online, I think it is only a matter of when.

Written in partnership with The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine