RippyGod Capital’s Head-Honcho Hasan Marafi Considers Blockchain Technology As A Rage In The Finance Industry


The new-age era belongs to the youth. There’s no iota of doubt that the youngsters are contributing immensely across every sector. With the technological innovations and arrival of social media platforms, entrepreneurs are exploring new avenues of work. Hasan Marafi, one of these inspiring entrepreneurs, is revolutionizing the trading industry with his unique mentorship program offered by his trading firm RippyGod Capital LLC.

He began his career as a derivative trader when he was 18 and soon after saw success as a mentor. With his experience and expertise of more than seven years, he has gained knowledge about the financial markets and stock trading. Social media then gave Hasan a voice to maximize his reach among the people and gave him the opportunity to showcase his work and knowledge of trading derivatives. He likes to call his unique style of trading, “The Rippy way.”

Having mentored more than 1000 students through online coaching, the now 25-year-old trader has helped people live a life free from financial constraints. Among many things to appreciate about Hasan is his logical reasoning that makes him stand apart. “I have always been adamant that financial education is important before you even think of becoming a trader or investor. As social media continues to grow, it is overwhelming to see the youth pursuing their career as traders”, says Hasan. As the finance industry is evolving he believes that there will be a rise in the number of traders and investors in the coming years. Furthermore, he thinks that blockchain and cryptocurrency will dominate the financial sector. Intending to reduce fraud and have seamless transactions and trades, blockchain technology is changing the global financial system. Hasan further adds, “Blockchain technology manages transactions of information by securing them in a decentralized network. I think that this revolutionary technology will make financial transactions more transparent with enhanced security.”

The entrepreneur’s primary motive remains to educate the youth about trading on the stock market and set themselves up for success and financial freedom. However, with technological advancements, Hasan continues to learn and evolve his own knowledge about the modern market. “Learning new things is the only way to maintain in this dynamic world. We at Rippy Global strive for excellence, and want to build an ecosystem consisting of wealthy and profitable traders and entrepreneurs.”

Written in partnership with Ascend