Market America 2021 Virtual World Conference Revolutionizes Ecommerce Industry After Weekend Of Product Launches, New Technologies, And Celebrity Guest Speakers

The 2021 Market America | SHOP.COM annual World Conference was held virtually, streaming live from the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. It signaled a change for the ecommerce industry.

As thousands of Market America | SHOP.COM global independent distributors (also known as “UnFranchise® Owners”) tuned in from their homes or watch parties held worldwide, #MAWC2021 provided a weekend full of new product launches, announcements of innovative technologies, and valuable training. The result has been unprecedented for the three-decade history the company is close to reaching.

The event featured celebrity guests/speakers joining throughout the weekend. Among them were Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, DJ Khaled, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Carmelo Anthony, Eva Longoria, and Thalia.

Viewers were treated to the UnFranchise Business and Shopping Annuity® business platform that offers individuals the ability to earn supplemental income based on the time and effort they invest on developing their own business.

Loren Ridinger

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Market America

On Day One (Friday, March 26th), Co-Founder and Senior Executive Vice President of Market America | SHOP.COM, Motives® cosmetics founder and beauty and fashion icon, Loren Ridinger, opened the conference with a message for all global attendees continuing to build their own businesses. “The way you continue to adapt and overcome obstacles in 2020 and 2021 by empowering and supporting one another is so inspiring. 2020 gave us more challenges, more change and more uncertainty than ever before. 2021 is our chance to rise above, take control and create the life that we want to live,” said Ridinger.

Marc Ashley

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Market America

President & COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley, introduced a multitude of groundbreaking and relevant products, including VivoQuin™ that, among other key benefits, support the immune system well-being; Bymygra™ for head comfort that promotes healthy cognitive function while helping to maintain normal blood flow to the head and neck; Isotonix® Sexual Health for men and women that supports a healthy libido and helps maintain normal sexual function; Ultimate Aloe® With AstaReal® Astaxanthin, which among other key benefits supports a strong immune system; TLS® Cookies & Cream Nutrition Shake which is protein-rich, high in calcium and lactose-free; and TLS Thermochrome™ V6, a dietary supplement that supports mental focus, increases energy and supports normal metabolic function.*

“Currently in the United States, 70 percent of adults are overweight. The global weight loss market was over $20 billion last year and, with people burning both ends of the candle and finding themselves sequestered in their homes and unable to exercise as they have in the past, the average person gained about 30 pounds. The global weight loss market is expected to double in less than four years. There is a clear need for products like TLS Thermochrome V6,” said Ashley. “What I’m most thankful for is each and every one of you who believe in this business. I’m thankful that every single morning, we have a committed team of people. All we focus on is what can we do to make this business better for you? What can we do to come out with the best products in the world that you can share with other people?”

Fat Joe

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Market America

Other speakers included NBA Hall-of-Famer, Scottie Pippen, who spoke about his success with Prime™ Joint Support Formula by Isotonix, a product he helped develop with Market America to help maintain the comfort in his joints after having a distinguished professional basketball career. As Pippen, Grammy-nominated artist and entrepreneur Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena, the company’s President of Urban and Latino Development; and actress, author and entrepreneur, La La Anthony, appeared live via video at the event.

When you think about it, with Market America | SHOP.COM, you are part of a success club. Everyone here is successful and brings something to the table. If you’re not as successful as a business owner today, you have the opportunity to get there. That’s because people at Market America | SHOP.COM are always ready to stop what they’re doing and help you out. That’s why I can’t wait to get to Greensboro in August when we’re all together and in person. This is where you can walk up to anyone and they will stop what they are doing and help answer any questions you have. They won’t make any money from talking to you but they will tell you how they were able to build their successful business, giving you the tools you need to work on building your own business. Nowhere else do we have a business like this,” said Fat Joe.

JR Ridinger

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Market America

Finally, closing the three-day virtual conference, Market America | SHOP.COM Founder, Chairman & CEO, JR Ridinger closed the three-day virtual conference by providing multiple ways that entrepreneurs around the world can use to earn a supplemental income through the UnFranchise Business and the Shopping Annuity®. “What a modern-day miracle,” Ridinger said, “what a privilege and honor to be able to speak to thousands of people around the world, connected by belief,” continued Ridinger. Of the many examples Ridinger shared, he made it clear that those wanting to reach both their business and life goals already had the ability within themselves to succeed. “When you have a ‘Why’ and a ‘How,’ it’s been proven scientifically that it stimulates parts of the brain to give you epiphanies, to give you energy, to attract the right people into your life. It’s absolutely mind-blowing,” said Ridinger. “If you program your brain with what I have just taught you, you can reach your own goals. It happened to me, an average little nothing kid, no special talents but I just decided to program my brain. That’s the only difference between you and me. I’ve tried to do brain surgery on you today to help you re-program your brain because your success doesn’t depend on the size of your bank account, your education or your training or your status or your connections or your experience or your IQ. It comes down to desire and belief and saying yes, yes, yes I will do it. Yes, I will do it. It’s up to you. I hope you choose wisely.”

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