Roy Vanono On Jumbo Stock Revolutionizing Home Decor And Lifestyle

Roy VanonoPhoto Credit: Roy Vanono

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Israel-based entrepreneur Roy Vanono believes in providing his customers with the right home accents to enhance the interiors. He provides the most prominent trends in the market with a variety of new products in home décor and lifestyle space from his national chain under the name Jumbo Stock.

Affordable And Quality Home décor Products

To meet the evolving tastes of Israeli consumers, Jumbo Stock is catering to their needs with high-end yet affordable items for the home. Though the home décor and lifestyle space are overcrowded with several high names yet Jumbo Stock is striving to offer value-based products to stand out from the rest. Roy Vanono envisions providing his customers a unique shopping experience that will make them trace their steps back to Jumbo Stock whenever they need to add a new item for their homes. Since an individual’s home is a reflection of her persona and beliefs, a store that caters to her taste and tries to provide goods customized to her taste is bound to become a hot favorite amongst all. Jumbo Stock is that store.

“The stores provide a unique shopping experience, which allows everyone to furnish and equip the home and enjoy a unique lifestyle in one place, along with creating a meticulous and tailored personal style,” says Roy. Jumbo provides a wide array of home décor and lifestyle products under one roof so that its buyers do not have to hop, skip and jump to other décor stores in search of the perfect piece of furnishing. From sophisticated and modern pieces of furniture and home decoration, textiles and bedding, kitchen and household products, complementary products and accessories for the bathroom, toys, games, and leisure for children and babies, camping, electricity, and dog, cleaning to pharma, and home practice, Jumbo Stock is the one-stop-shop for all your decorative items and everyday utility products.

Creating A Statement Indoor Style

Being the owner of Jumbo Stock, Roy is trying to edge over his industry competitor brands by providing budget-friendly products without compromising on quality. Though Chinese goods are also available at a similar price range and can be purchased online yet Jumbo Stock is the preferred brand for most Israelis due to its in-shop experience and faster delivery time, if and when purchased online. Roy opened an online store of Jumbo Stock in 2019 to cater to the increasing number of customers who like to buy goods online.

Though the present pandemic was unforeseen, the online store has proved to be a great benefit to cater to consumer needs during these testing times. Roy envisions every Israeli home to have at least one piece of décor purchased from Jumbo Stock. Roy founded Jumbostock in 2015 and now has 11 stores all over Israel. “At Jumbo Stock, we allow you to design your home the way you want it with quality and unique products at great prices. Therefore, we work hard to find the best suppliers in the world, mentions Roy.