From She’s Mercedes To Georg Jensen + Chopard, Model Katia Jundi Talks About Collaborating with Top Brands

Katia JundiPhoto Credit: Katia Jundi

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Katia Jundi is a champion for luxury brand jewelry and watches who has been collaborating with world-class luxury brands and creators to showcase their distinctive and exquisite qualities to the interested audience.

Just as a world championship, luxury brands always fight for victory. They do not go for second place. They try to do everything to reach the top, and this applies not only to the large and fully respected brands. It is also about peak performance in individual segments or niches. They take pride and promote the prestige of their owners. Katia Jundi is a decade old luxury entrepreneur from the Middle East who is famous as the organizer of Salon des Grandes Complication, a regional luxury watch exhibition. The event showcases exclusive brands from different artists and gives a rare chance to the visitors and invitees to experience the unique timepieces under one roof.  

Brands handpicked for showcase  

To make the Salon des Grandes Complication exhibition a success, Jundi collaborates with brands that are known for small production quantities, limited editions, selective distribution, and exquisite materials to make their products accessible to only a few people. These features define the value of such luxury brands. This scarcity promotes the desire and contributes sustainably to the increase of the brand value. In an interview with Katia Jundi, she shares insights on working with luxury brands firsthand. She believes that what distinguishes luxury brands from those of mass appeal is that the former include their buyers and let them participate. They provide insights that are only available to interested individuals. The impersonal mass appeal is rebuffed. These brands elevate customer support and care to an extent so that the customers feel flattered and are catered to individually.

Katia JundiPhoto Credit: Katia Jundi

 Resonating brand voice

Jundi’s knowledge and appeal earned her the honor of being the brand face of the expertly crafted watch and jewelry brand, Georg Jensen. An ardent storyteller in almost all her communication, Jundi is a living embodiment of what a luxury brand stands for. Jundi advocates for the effort, the low number of pieces, and the uniqueness of the products that make luxury brands valuable and coveted. She feels that these qualities make these brands reach the hands of only a select few. 

Beyond the glitz

However, it would be a mistake to assume that Jundi associates herself only with the glitter and glamour. One would be surprised to learn her active interest in the world of philanthropy and how she pays equal attention to change the lives of those less fortunate. In the recent past, Jundi was selected by Mercedes-Benz to be part of the She’s Mercedes platform, a small select group of successful female businesswomen who have a history of empowering other like-minded women.

Staying connected

Jundi is a woman who describes herself as an artful juggler between her work and family life. Despite having a high-flying career and a business to take care of, she feels that the importance of human connection in every sphere of life goes beyond any other quality to succeed and earn a name for oneself.

Katia JundiPhoto Credit: Katia Jundi