Avant Gallery Debuts A Timely Trilogy By Renowned Photographer Tim Tadder

Avant GalleryPhoto Credit: Avant Gallery

Consistently delivering contemporary artwork that is striking and bold in innovation, Avant Gallery has debuted its latest exposition starring the work of renowned fine art photographer Tim Tadder. On view exclusively and concurrently at both Avant Gallery Miami and New York City locations, Brickell City Centre and Hudson Yards respectively, Avant Gallery showcases Tadder’s “Nothing to See” and “United States of Purples” series, with the highly-anticipated “Black is a Color” series poised to showcase next in the near future.

Tadder utilizes his fine art photography to point a spotlight on the current ongoing social and political climates, as well as the political divisions present in America today. By utilizing powerful imagery with bold color, Tadder challenges viewers to recognize whether the “policies and propaganda are meant to divide us or choose to remain blind”—portrayed with juxtaposing colors with hands covering the eyes on the face.

To create this delicate series, Tadder and his team airbrushed models with a full coat of body paint in one color. To get the “smooth base” result, Tadder brought on models with Alopecia, the immune disorder that results in hair loss, to achieve the desired effect, enhanced by lighting to lead the eye to specific aspects of the image.

Avant GalleryPhoto Credit: Avant Gallery

This series is meant to challenge the ordinary and inspire forward-thinking into what we are being pushed to believe and view as normal in our society today. Tadder has further continued his mission to better the climate of today’s world by creating the Art for Assistants initiative, where he brought on artists around the world to donate prints to sell at $100/print and all of the proceeds directly benefited the creatives behind the scenes on production sets, who have been greatly affected in the wake of the pandemic shutdowns.

The viral initiative raised over $273,503 in funds for the program. One of the great supporters of this charity mission is Avant Gallery President and Founder Dmitry Prut, whose gallery and team is, too, dedicated to fostering art and creativity around the world. Tadder’s boundary-pushing artwork is the perfect fit for a gallery as dynamic and cutting-edge as Avant Gallery.

You can inquire about Tim Tadder’s exclusive exhibition at Avant Gallery in Miami at Brickell City Centre and in New York at Hudson Yards. To view Tim Tadder’s work visit www.avantgallery.com or request a PDF catalog by emailing hello@avantgallery.com. Avant Gallery can be found on Instagram @AvantGallery, and @TimTadder on Instagram.

Avant GalleryPhoto Credit: Avant Gallery