3 Ways Instagram Has Become Indispensable For Brands, As Per Valerie Grand

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With more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, Instagram is undeniably one of the most influential marketing platforms. Higher engagement and reach have made it an essential marketing tool for every brand. As per successful Instagram influencer and content creator Valerie Grand, “Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing app to an influential marketplace, enabling brands to transcend boundaries and reach consumers globally.”

Valerie GrandPhoto Credit: Valerie Grand

Instagram helps retailers leverage visuals to ingeniously describe their products and create a positive impact. “A creative post with compelling caption and relevant hashtags boosts brand awareness and sales,” Grand adds.

Approximately 71% of US companies use Instagram for business. The percentage has risen significantly, with several small businesses hopping on the bandwagon due to the COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns and social distancing norms. Grand asserts, “It has become even more important now for companies to have a digital presence to connect with existing and new consumers.” She highlights three important reasons for Instagram becoming indispensable for brands:
Visual content is imperative for a successful marketing campaign

Photos, stories, and videos create more impact than text posts. A visual appeal helps to showcase the brand’s products and services effectively. Instagram has released various new features such as stories, reels, and IGTV, that brands can explore to drive traffic to their page.

Augmented reach
Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users, offering brands a massive advantage of reaching out to potential target audiences directly and indirectly through social media influencers. With 52% of global women userbase and around 71% active users between the ages of 25-34, the users constitute the prime target consumers for several brands.

Valerie GrandPhoto Credit: Valerie Grand

Engagement opportunity with consumers
Instagram offers the opportunity to interact with consumers and gain a competitive edge. Initiating conversations on current issues, generating online buzz with creative and innovative content, following users who mention your brand in their posts and stories and commenting on their posts, acknowledging consumer feedback, and replying to comments on posts are some of the ways to build brand image and increase engagement rate.

Valerie points out that consumers love to share feedback on products or services that made an impact on them on Instagram. “Potential buyers trust recommendations of consumers who have had a positive experience with the brand, which leads to an increase in sales conversion and bolster brand image,” she concludes.