Zishan Manji Shares Key Insight On E-commerce In 2020 And Beyond

Zishan ManjiPhoto Credit: Zishan Manji

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

The pandemic has truly changed the modern world as we know it. A global crisis that nearly put the entire world on halt including businesses, retail stores, airlines, restaurants and many other industries on every continent. One industry that has seen an exponential amount of growth in 2020 is e-commerce, according to Zishan Manji, an entrepreneur and e-commerce specialist.

Manji was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania where he started his E-commerce career. At the age of 14 Zishan had driven $100,000 in sales by reselling wallets and vapes on eBay and by 18 the digital expert hit $1 Million in sales. After getting banned numerous times by eBay and Amazon, Manji decided to diversify into Shopify, where in the last four years, he’s done $7 million in sales.

Zishan ManjiPhoto Credit: Zishan Manji

With his extensive background in E-commerce, Zishan gives us his take on the growth of e-commerce in 2020 and what lies in the future. While the majority of industries had massive declines, E-commerce absolutely flourished in 2020. Manji shares “e-commerce is one of the few industries in the world that continues to grow year-after-year with growth unlike anyone could’ve imagined in 2020 due to the pandemic. That should tell you something.”

With the pandemic and the enforcement of the social distancing rules, more and more people were forced to turn to online shopping to meet their consumer needs. E-commerce has become an essential service, with many platforms reporting massive spikes in traffic, usage, and sales. Amazon, for instance, reported 18-percent growth in worldwide sales in Q1 of 2020.

Zishan ManjiPhoto Credit: Zishan Manji

According to Zishan, e-commerce is no longer a foreign concept. People are now used to its availability and convenience so they will continue to spend online even after shopping outlets reopen and life goes back to normal. Businesses need to ensure that their clients or customers can continue to access their services online even after the pandemic.

E-commerce is multiplying and will only continue to do so, and, as Zishan says, “businesses that don’t adapt will get left behind. It’s as simple as that.”