Summer McKeen: How To Not Hate Valentine’s Day If You DON’T Have A Valentine

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Elias Tahan

Valentine’s Day. We love it when we have someone, we hate it when we don’t. In the U.S., we tend to focus more on making Valentine’s Day about romance and couples, but in a lot of other countries Valentine’s Day is known as “Day of Love and Friendship”! And although I have a new special someone, I still believe that It doesn’t have to be a sucky day if we shift our perspective from it being a romantic day to being a day where we show love!

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Self love is talked about so much nowadays—because it’s so important—but looking outside of ourselves is scientifically proven to boost our mood significantly more than when we do things for ourselves! So, I make sure to combine the two (self love and loving others) when I plan my Valentine’s Day! Here are 10 of the best ways I’ve found to not hate the day of love.

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Elias Tahan

  1. Wake up early and meditate! Your mind is clearer in the morning and meditation will help you ground yourself so you can take on the day with more strength and positivity! Waking up early isn’t always the easiest thing for me to do, but when I have something to look forward to in the morning, I feel a lot more motivated to get out of bed. If meditation isn’t your thing, writing down your thoughts is really therapeutic too. Just do something to take advantage of those hours when life is calmer and quieter and you’ll start your day off feeling more at peace!
  2. Do yoga or go for a run! I know, running isn’t for everyone, but doing some form of exercise in the morning gets your endorphins going–putting you in a happy mood! I’m not always in the mood for this either, but when I make myself exercise I really do feel happier afterwards. That’s why if Valentine’s day = sad vibes, then endorphins are a good way to jumpstart a happier mood.
  3. Eat your favorite foods! Food makes me too happy. Obviously binging our favorite foods isn’t the way to go, but choosing foods we enjoy can only help. Today, try to see eating as enjoyable and not a chore–today you really get to treat yourself.
  4. Thank someone you love! According to positive psychology, if you’re a grateful person, you’re happier. If you write down the things you’re grateful for, it boosts your mood. But when you share what you’re grateful for, out loud, with someone else, your happiness skyrockets! So, think of someone you love and why you love them. Write down all the thoughts that come to mind. When you’re done, call or meet up with that person and read the letter to them! This is where Valentine’s day starts to really suck less for you, and someone you love.
  5. Positive affirmations! I really love this one because it’s helped me a lot! Take a minute to write down all the negative beliefs you have about yourself and fill the paper till you can’t think of any more. Then, on a separate piece of paper, write the opposite (positive) version of every statement you wrote. Choose five of the most empowering statements and write them on another piece of paper! Hang that paper up where you’ll see it daily and read each of those statements to yourself, out loud, every day! You can read them as frequently as you want, and even in “power” stances if you’re really feelin’ it. The more you say them out loud, with enthusiasm, the more your unconscious mind will believe them and you will become more confident in those aspects of your life!
  6. Do something for someone! Whatever your talents are, think of a way you can use them to do something for someone else! Do you bake? Make someone’s favorite dessert for them. Do you paint? Paint a portrait of your friend and give it to them. Do you skate? Offer to teach a friend some basics. If none of your talents really stand out to you, you could also think of someone who needs their spirits lifted and do something you think they’d enjoy! You could take them out to eat, get a couples massage (my personal favorite), or go be in nature. Really anything you do to reach out to someone will be appreciated.
  7. Do something you enjoy! This is pretty straightforward; do something you know puts you in a good mood. Go for a walk, see a movie, meet up with friends, listen to music, work out, dance, or whatever you’re feelin’!
  8. Have a Galentines/Malentines party! Plan a fun night with your friends! In the past, I’ve gotten together with my girlfriends and done some self-love activities where we write down our strengths and positive affirmations, eat chocolate, and dance. Some of my friends have gone out to dinner then dancing, but it’s really just whatever your crew is feelin’. It’s a fun way to remind yourself that you still have people you love in your life. If you’re feeling more introverted, you can do a lot of these activities by yourself too!
  9. “Heart Attack” someone! Cut out hearts, write nice or funny things on them and stick them on someone’s door with a cupcake or somethin’. Knock, hide, and watch their reaction; they’ll usually smile. If they don’t, get out of there…fast. (It was still a fun experience, right..?)
  10. Dress up and go out! Dress up like you’ve got somewhere to be and everyone knows who you are. Feel yourself while you’re out with friends or meeting new people. You’re the freakin’ best.

Summer McKeenPhoto Credit: Elias Tahan
These are just some of the things I’ve done in the past to not hate Valentine’s day! I hope they help you enjoy the holiday of love a little more and if they didn’t…maybe just try getting a massage next year.

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