The Most Artisanal Chocolate Shops For National Chocolate Day

The Most Artisanal Chocolate Shops For National Chocolate Day haute living las vegas tita carraPhoto Credit: @AmauryGuichon Instagram

Do you remember your first time? I do.

I want you to think about your first time eating chocolate. What was it like? Mine involved my grandfather’s pocket. He had bought and carried, carefully, a Carlos V chocolate bar. He pulled it out of his flannel jacket’s pocket and handed it to me. I can still taste it. Nutty, a little tangy, milky, and like my grandpa—as in nostalgia, not the cannibal type. They had been produced since the 70s and well into the millennium. Granted it wasn’t artisanal chocolate, but it was special to me and I was grateful for it, and him. Still am. Now I’m not sure where you can, or if you still can, purchase Carlos V in time for National Chocolate Day Saturday, Oct. 28, but I guess the most luxurious and artisanal chocolate shops in Las Vegas will suffice.


The lines at Jean Philippe Patisserie are ridiculous and rightfully so. They wrap around like a snake shedding skin only the only thing you’ll be shedding are dollar bills. Take a lot of cash or cold hard plastic. You have to try everything. That’s an order not a statement and I’m not making you, you just naturally will. Happened to me and I took all the artisanal chocolate to go–in boxes mind you.


I’d like to believe the chef was high off an incredible “artisanal” edible he made. Him being a stoner reached for chips, but upon opening the chips they fly out at full speed fell into the bowl of chocolate frosting he used for the edible, and bam! The “potatochip chocolate” came about. Unfortunately, this is fabricated from my overactive imagination. I’m also not sure the chef is male. Could be a woman, could be gender non-binary. But in case you want to who came up with it and how it tastes, make sure to head out to Royce Chocolate.


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There’s no mystery here as the French trained and awarded Master Chocolatier Jean-Marie Auboine is front and center at his own atelier, Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolates. He’s dedicated more than 25 years both pleasing to the eye and taste buds. All of his creations have no added preservatives or artificial compounds, everything is as pure as can be and natural.


Naturally having a background in branding and marketing, I’m a sucker for its packaging. And yes, it’s more of global brand, but its origins are ultimate artisanal. Did you know that Domenico Ghirardelli, later changed to Domingo, was introduced to chocolate when he apprenticed with a local candy maker in 1817? And in 1852 he opens a confectionery shop later known what we know as the Ghirardelli. The rest is history. But in Vegas? They add ice cream at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.


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She’s an award-winning pastry chef from Korea and master chocolatier at that. Jin Caldwell handcrafts beautiful creations that vary from intense, balanced, and luxurious taste at her chocolate shop, JinJu Chocolates. These chocolates are made with natural ingredients sourced from seasonal local ingredients that are preservative free with premium Swiss chocolate.

The Most Artisanal Chocolate Shops For National Chocolate Day