Latin Star Jencarlos Canela On His New Netflix Gig & Details On The New Music He’s Releasing Soon

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As of Monday ,telenovela star Jencarlos Canela is back on the small screen, starring on Netflix’s new Latino-themed family comedy, “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.” The Cuban-American singer, songwriter and actor plays the title character’s ex-football player uncle Victor on the series, which was created by Mario Lopez and guest-directed by Eva Longoria, and tells the story of a 15-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist Ashley (played by newcomer Paulina Chávez) who moves across the country to work for NASA and live with her fun-loving uncle. Chavez is joined by a crew of talented young actors including Bella Podaras, Conor Husting and Reed Hortmann. We chatted with Canela, who is also well known for starring on Longoria’s NBC show “Telenovela” as well as playing Jesus Christ in the musical special “The Passion” on Fox, about his new series, being personally cast by Mario Lopez and when we can expect new music from the suave Latin star.

Jencarlos CanelaPhoto Credit: Netflix

Tell us about your new show, “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.” What can viewers expect?

“TEUAG” is about a 15-year-old genius that is the youngest person to ever get an internship building robots at a prestigious company. She has to move in with her irresponsible, immature, player, uncle that lives closer to her new job. She teaches her uncle how to be more responsible and her uncle gives her the opportunity to finally be a kid.

What drew you to playing Victor?

The arc of this character is amazing. He’s got some deep issues that are conveyed with a comedic tone. Playing the uncle is fun because you don’t have to be as strict as a parent so it’s more like a friendship with family ties. Working with Netflix was also a desire of mine for a while. The respect I have for our producers, writers and directors made it a no brainer for me to want to play uncle Vic.

How do you identify with your character?

I identify deeply with the love he has for his family.

What is the most challenging part about playing your character?

Finding the balance between multi-camera comedy and creating real moments.

Did Mario Lopez personally cast you for the role? Did you meet with him before you accepted it?

He was there in my audition. He, along with many other key people played a role in giving me this opportunity.

What has your working relationship been like?

Mario is a huge inspiration. His work ethic is amazing. He’s got a great team around him and at the same time is present for his family. I’ve learned a lot watching him figure that balance out.

Jencarlos Canela
Canela on “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”

Photo Credit: Netflix

Why will viewers love the series?

Because it’s undeniably good. Our writers are truly geniuses and our cast is one of the best ensembles I’ve ever seen in the multi-camera space. Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself on February 17th!

Does your music play into the show at all?

Yes, my character gave up on music and a few other things in his life and he at some point reconnects with that lost love and picks up his guitar again.

How has this experience been different from some of your other acting roles, such as “Telenovela”?

I’ve never done multi-camera before. It’s a different animal.

Can you share some of your favorite memories from set?

The time Mario Lopez tackled me to the floor; the time I tried to teach Reed how to dance salsa; the jam sessions with Connor Husting in the dressing rooms; getting the opportunity to look at Bella’s beauty every day; and Paulina coming into my life and becoming like a little sister to me.

What else do you have in the pipeline for 2020?

My music is [my] priority. We have a new single dropping soon. Follow me on my socials @Jencarlosmusic to find out when and what.

When will you be releasing new music?

In a few weeks!

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Health and peace of mind. Wealth means nothing without health and peace of mind to enjoy your life.


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