Meet Netflix’s New Heartthrob, Luke Eisner

Luke EisnerPhoto Credit: Storm Santos


Are you ready to meet the next big thing? Well, here he is. Luke Eisner is a great excuse to Netflix and chill (in a different way) as ‘Stig’ in the highly anticipated Netlfix original film “Tall Girl” alongside Griffin Gluck and Sabrina Carpenter. Eisner views life as a journey of storytelling and that is his mantra for life—from writing romantic songs to acting to scripts he connects with his inner romantic side. Fans may also recognize this golden boy from guest starring stints on ‘The Goldbergs,’ as well as ad campaigns for American Eagle and Ralph Lauren (he also walked in the latter’s 50th anniversary show). He will soon been seen on Netflix’s “Family Reunion” as the love interest to the eldest daughter on the series. The actor, model and one-half of the band Voila, is also a changemaker who is passionate about speaking out against domestic violence and volunteered at a domestic violence shelter in Milwaukee with his father. He believes that lending his voice to the cause will raise awareness for both men and women so that they don’t allow their definition of love to be pain and violence. Here, we talk to this rising star about what makes him tick, his dream projects and why the world is about to become his oyster.

Luke EisnerPhoto Credit: Storm Santos

Tell us about landing the role of Stig in “Tall Girl.” What did you love about the project/your character? Did you personally connect with the film in any way?

I love Dr. Seuss books. When I was little I enjoyed them because they were funny and entertaining. When I was a teenager I started to enjoy them because they had such a strong lesson and deeper meaning. The story of “Tall Girl” is like those books to me: it is light hearted yet strongly moral. I connected with Stig on the level of feeling a bit akin to a foreign exchange student when I first arrived in LA. I came from dairy land Wisconsin which was a disparate world to the bustle of Hollywood. Like Stig, the culture shock led to new opportunities and lessons to learn!

What kind of projects are you leaning towards: comedy, drama, romantic leads, etc. and why?

I personally watch mostly romantic films and dramas. That comes from the fact that those are the kinds of books I like to read! I’d love to do a novel to screen adaption.

What is your dream role? Who is your dream co-star? Whose career would you like to emulate?

I’d love to do a Nicholas Sparks film! He was one of my favorite authors growing up, and a huge reason I fell in love with story telling. As for dream co-star I was always quite inspired by the Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter pairing (“Sweeney Todd,” “Corpse Bride”, “Alice in Wonderland”…). I’d love to do a Tim Burton-esque musical with her! Robert Pattinson has always been my favorite actor. I think he is incredible at romantic movies (“Water for Elephants,” “Remember Me,” “Twilight.”) I also admire Orlando Bloom’s career. Being in two huge fantasy franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Lord of the Rings” is the absolute dream!

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who are you dying to meet?

I’d love to meet J.K. Rowling. I’m a huge fan of “Harry Potter” and the 13 year old me has so many unanswered questions I’m burning to ask! I’d also love to meet Audrey Niffenegger. She wrote my favorite book “The Time Travelers Wife”. I’d love to ask her about her process.

Luke EisnerPhoto Credit: Storm Santos

You’re a triple threat. How do you balance modeling, being a musician and an actor?

I always wanted to be an author growing up and my careers are all just different ways of story telling so I never feel like I have to shift to a different headspace to do any of them.

You toured with Martin Garrix and Flume before forming Voila, which has supported The Fray, Walk the Moon and X Ambassadors. What would you say the craziest touring experience you’ve ever had has been? Do you find yourself gravitating more towards music or film these days?

Music is like a one way phone call a lot of the time. We will put out a song and people will get to hear about our heartache but we don’t get a chance to hear about theirs. So, touring is great because we finally get to meet our listeners and get to hear their stories! The craziest moments are when we see the tattoos people get or the jackets they create. My musical career is exciting because I don’t need to wait for a casting or an audition to come around. Every day I can be in the studio writing and recording new songs.

You are also a change-maker. Tell us more about your passions about speaking out against domestic violence and bullying?

I’m very passionate about domestic violence. Growing up I volunteered at a shelter in Milwaukee. I met so many strong survivors and their families and saw how effective the program was on getting these women and their families out of dangerous situations. Domestic violence is often cyclical and I feel that these programs and shelters can be very successful at severing the loop of abuse. As long as I’m in the business of romantic music and movies I’ll always fight to make sure peoples definition of love is never violence.

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What is the best piece of career advice you have received and from who?

I used to have this fear that if you weren’t successful by a certain age it wasn’t going to happen. Then I read that Dr. Seuss didn’t start publishing children’s books until he was 33.

What is the best compliment you’ve been paid, and by who?

I was in Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary fashion show and Ralph himself fixed my tie backstage and said that I looked like I belonged in Lord of the Rings. I’m not sure if that made me more or less nervous to take the runway.

Apparently you’re a big believer in actually calling someone on the Phone, not just Snapchatting them. Do you consider yourself to be old-fashioned? Do you ever go on a digital detox?

I definitely feel old fashion in that regard! I like writing letters and having phone calls. I think it feels more emotional and personal!

What’s next for you and what can we expect from you in the future?

VOILÀ just put out an EP and now we are headed to the Midwest to go to middle schools and high schools to play music and talk about anti bullying and self love in light of the film’s message. I have some film projects in the works and I’m looking forward to another fashion season. More importantly, I’ll be continuing to work with domestic violence shelters here in Los Angeles and try to devise a strong plan to raise money and awareness in the coming year.

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