Jim Fannin: The Blueprint To Be A Champion

He is Jim Fannin. When he introduces himself to you, he looks at you straight in the eye and says his first name. Then, he pauses, leans forward, and finally pronounces his last name, with the intent that you remember his name. And you will.

As an executive coach and consultant of being in “the zone,” how to get into it, and how to “wear it like an overcoat,” Fannin has mentored hundreds of individuals, professional athletes, and companies throughout a decades-long career on how to become champions.

Jim Fannin - Feb2020
Haute Living CEO Kamal Hotchandani and Executive Coach and Consultant Jim Fannin at Haute Time cover dinner hosted by Hublot

Photo Credit: Omar Vega

His book, The Blueprint: A Proven Plan For Successful Living, guides the reader through the steps that can be applied to any career and situation in life in order to excel. In his latest podcast, Fannin gets the listeners ready for the month of March, sharing how to not go from point A to point B, but rather the other way around.

What he means is to first imagine yourself reaching a goal, attaining it. That is point B. He encourages you to start at B and go through the steps that lead back to point A. Fannin wants you to do it for the month, for the week, and for every day, so that by planning ahead what the end of your day should look like, you can already see the steps that will lead you to the endpoint.

“Being in the zone is about being in the peak performance mindset,” says Fannin. “It’s here that your genuine authentic best self will be fully realized in every area of your life.”

His clients and fans, whom he calls “Zoniacs,” have applied Fannin’s advice to “be in the moment.”

Last week, Fannin gave an exclusive seminar to the Haute Living team. One of his many long-time clients, former professional Major League Baseball player John Buck, joined him as he “performed” and detailed his blueprint to becoming a champion, a process that he admits is physically draining because he needs to be fully in the moment.

His extensive list of past and present clients includes, among others, Bridgeview Bank Group, GE Healthcare Americas, Equity 55 Realty, and MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, who gave special thanks to Fannin during his induction speech as he was enshrined in Cooperstown.

In the podcast, he gave a generous shout-out to Haute Living CEO Kamal Hotchandani, as well as Chef Daniel Boulud, whose Miami restaurant, Boulud Sud, he attended the same evening to celebrate the famed chef’s Haute Time cover feature at a special dinner hosted by watchmaker giant Hublot.

To learn more about Jim… Fannin, visit his website.