Sarah Jessica Parker On Empowering Women Through Individuality

Sarah Jessica Parker, America’s most prominent style icon, is offering this year’s most intoxicating gift of the season with a sexy and stylish bra that’s clever, fun and a great idea. Collaborating with Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, Parker is presenting holiday shoppers with a fall/winter collection that’s equally spectacular and impossible to ignore.

Coined the Bra Twist, Intimissimi and the Sex and the City actress are showing women how the simple routine of putting on a bra can be transformed into a wildly fun routine rather than a discomforting task.

Like taking a long walk, reading a novel or sipping a cup of coffee, the elevated bra ritual has since become next to ceremonial under Parker’s list of favorite things to do, including off-duty dancing in the kitchen with her 17-year-old son, James, and 10-year-old twins, Marion and Tabitha.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker Collaborates With Intimissimi On Fall/Winter Collection

Photo Credit: Intimissimi

But the most game-changing feature about these polka-dotted bras and lace and diamond undergarments is the anthem embedded behind them, inspiring women to feel beautiful under every type of party dress.

“It’s important to feel comfortable and feel your best self,” says Parker. “I think most women who wear bras agree.”

And on-screen and off, this Manhattan symbol of elegance never ceases to fail at conveying this message of individuality.

Her fashion secret is a necessary dose of vintage accessories, collecting keep-forever pieces that offer original style and eclectic taste.

“I’m not a great or committed shopper,” notes Parker. “But I do vintage and even if I’m not always buying, I like seeing items in stores and online.”

When Parker isn’t looking for prized treasures, tucked away in a covert New York fashion library, she’s traveling the world exploring the “least-trodden” destinations.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker Collaborates With Intimissimi On Fall/Winter Collection

Photo Credit: Intimissimi

“Local neighborhoods, local restaurants, smaller streets and museums,” says Parker. “And I try to always find local vintage shops, local hardware stores that offer typical housewares and kitchen supplies.”

But in the meantime while situated in New York City, Parker is focused on her career, starring in the upcoming revival of Neil Simon’s acclaimed 1968 play, Plaza Suite. Expected to premiere on Broadway next year. She will reunite with husband Matthew Broderick onstage for the first time in 25 years.

When asked how she manages to balance a rigorous work schedule with raising a family, Parker replies that she has no specific answer.

“Like so many working people, more so mothers likely, I do my best to try to take care of my family first and hope that I’m offering my best efforts to all those who I love and who are colleagues,” she says. “I’m very much inspired by so many millions of other working mothers who are doing so without the resources that I am fortunate to have to rely on.”

A superhero onstage and at home, Parker is the epitome of feminine strength, always inspiring and challenging herself in the best ways.