The Life Of Model, Actress And Influencer Sofia Symonds And What’s Next For Her

Sofia Symonds
Photo Credit: Harol Baez

It all started with modeling for Moroccan-born Sofia Ella Symonds.

At just 16 years old, she was first globally recognized with the help of a French photographer who photographed her for local magazines, which she later worked at before crossing the Atlantic and relocating to Miami in 2012. After living in Miami for a few years, Sofia moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, after admiring Hollywood films during her childhood. Living between, Miami, Los Angeles and New York, Symonds gained a following on her Instagram, for her style, beauty and product tips. This opportunity allowed Symonds to focus on launching her own brand and her passion for acting.

Haute Living sat down with Sofia Symonds to discuss her life and her tips on beauty and fashion.

HL: When did you launch your Instagram account and what did you expect?

SS: I switched my Instagram account from private to public at the end of 2016. At the time, I was posting pictures of myself, not knowing it could lead to something. Much like today, I posted pictures without thinking too much about whether or not it is perfect, because I don’t care much for perfection. My Instagram displays the real me, my personal style and wellbeing.

HL: What is your secret to staying true to yourself in a world where media can influence unreal expectations?

SS: Growing up in Morocco, I never felt I had to be a part of something, which I think humbled me. I have always had different views and opinions, which I felt didn’t need a stereotype. I would much rather be myself than be a version of someone else. This applies to my industry as well, because as you can see, I don’t follow the latest trend and I don’t feel pressured to change my feed just to follow what other influencers and models are doing. I post what feels right to me. The same ideal goes for what I promote. Brands are always approaching me, but if I don’t personally use the product, I won’t promote it. Sometimes I will promote a brand for free because I can see that it really works, or it’s something that I think my followers will benefit from. I want to share only the best products with my followers because then they know they can trust me.

HL: Can you tell us about your beauty routine?

SS: I think skincare is the most important thing for anyone. I always wash my face at night, regardless of where I am or how tired I am. I use a soy face cleanser from Fresh, which is gentle on the face but doesn’t foam up. I’ve been using this cleanser for years now, and I love it. After cleansing my face, I use a toner from 111skin, called Energizing Essence, before moisturizing with my favorite, La Mer Crème moisturizer. For my eyes, I use Biofixine from Biologique Recherche, which is one of my absolute favorite skincare brands. My other must-have item is the oil exfoliator from La Mer. As you can tell, I like my La Mer products. Around 2-3 times per week I will give my face a good scrub to clean the pores and get rid of any oil and impurities.

While making sure your face is clean, I also think sleep is important for maintaining healthy skin. I sleep a solid eight hours every night, otherwise, no amount of cream will help when my skin tone turns dull or dark circles show up under my eye. I also think working out and a steam room session is great for sweating out toxins and cleansing the pores. Drinking water is also good for hydrating the skin and is overall helpful for maintaining your best self.

Sofia Symonds
Photo Credit: Harol Baez

HL: I notice you do your own makeup. What are some of your favorite brands and how do you create a look?

SS: You will always find me wearing the same type of make-up. I tend to revert to warm colors, such as brown eyeshadow and nude lips. My go-to foundation is Ultra Le Teint from Chanel, which I pair with a contouring palette from Makeup Forever—I love to contour. I never go heavy with a setting powder, because I don’t like to look cakey. I use a light hand with my favorite powder, Veil by Hourglass. As for eyeshadow, I’m obsessed with KKW Beaty palettes. The color selections and quality are great. I also turn to Tom Ford and Chanel for eyeshadow and lipsticks, although Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are my favorite. I just love the formula and the shades.

HL: Do you have a specific workout or diet routine you follow?

SS: I actually don’t follow any specific diet or workout routine. People always think I’m starving myself, but honestly, I eat anything I want to eat. I just have a high metabolism. Although, I still workout and focus on toning my body, rather than losing weight with cardio exercise. I do a lot of ab workouts and sometimes will lift weights, but I love Pilates and will do a class around two times a week.

Sofia Symonds
Photo Credit: Harol Baez

HL: What is your favorite brand?

SS: My favorite brand of all time is Chanel, but I also like Fendi and Celine. I tend to mix high-end brands with more affordable brands, such as Zara. One of my favorite affordable brands is Houseofcb. Their clothes are good quality and are true to fit.

HL: Who is your favorite celebrity icon and why?

SS: I love Angelina Jolie. She is such an inspiration to me and how I want to live my life.

HL: Pick three words to describe yourself

SS: I would say loyal, trustworthy and positive.