One-On-One With Celebrity Hairstylist Danny Jelaca

Danny Jelaca has been recognized as one of Miami’s top celebrity hairstylists for over two decades. Through his creative skills, Jelaca has styled the most notable names in fashion including Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima and more. Jelaca sat down with Haute Living to discuss his new Miami hair salon, which features a MedSpa, and the latest luxury haircare lines.

Photo Credit: Yanni De MeloWhy did you decide to design and build out an entirely new space?
I wanted the location on the marina. I like being by the water and the space is double the size of where I previously was. It also has complimentary parking and valet, which is great.

What does your salon have that other hair salons don’t?
My new space is a boutique one stop shop. Hair, nails, skincare, makeup, and a MedSpa, all in one.

Tell me about some of the top treatments you offer and their benefits.
We offer Leonor Greyl hair spa treatments that revitalize your hair under a steamer and with a cupping device to increase blood flow, as well as to give vital nutrients to the hair and scalp. It’s a very luxurious treatment and is offered in a private room.

Photo Credit: Yanni De Melo 

What makes the Balmain and Leonor Greyl lines superior to others?
I love the exclusivity of the Balmain and Leonor Greyl lines from Paris. Leonor Greyl is a botanical/green chic, treatment-orientated line while Balmain Hair Couture offers great styling products, hair tools, and extensions of the highest quality that you would only expect from Balmain. I am also the ambassador to the USA for both lines.

Where does your passion for hairstyling come from?
I have always loved a good makeover and I have always been amazed at how hair makes such a difference. Hair is everything. “Hair on point, life on a pointe” is my motto! I love the way hair makes people feel. I love all the the different things you can do with it and all the different identities you can have. Exploring hairstyles is always such an adventure!

How often should do you suggest your clients get a hair trim?
I recommend trimming for the most part 6-8 weeks for long hair or 4-6 weeks for short hair. If you are dedicated with hair treatments and masks and keep chemical services to a minimum, you can stretch it to 99 days on long hair.

How often are we meant to shampoo our hair?
If you are working out and sweating, I recommend shampooing daily with a very Fl gentle daily shampoo. Shampooing is really intended for your scalp and new growth. Just lightly shaping your ends and rinsing is enough. If your length takes a beating I recommend conditioning the lengths while shampooing the scalp to promote new growth, then rinsing all together. It totally refreshes every type of hair!

Photo Credit: Yanni De Melo

What are your Miami haircare tips, given the climate?
I believe first of all, to “talk nice” to your hair. Your hair can hear you! I also believe in using a mask at the ends weekly on dry hair before shampooing. Using a sun protector and and keeping hair from the elements helps a lot too. While outdoors, play around with braids and beautiful hats and scarves for protection.

Who are some dream clients that you’ve yet to work with?
Wow. I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the greatest names that make me feel very fulfilled.  That’s why I keep the salon going instead of freelancing like most hairstylists. I love everyday women in the chair. I love establishing connections and relationships. The salon brings me great joy.

How do we best protect our hair from heat tools and products?
I use an infrared as well as an ionic blow dryer and I always use a leave-in thermal protectant balm. Also try styling without heat. You can leave your hair in loose braids and twists and let time to the trick!

Photo Credit: Yanni De Melo

Visit the salon and spa at 300 Alton Road, Suite 100A Miami Beach FL 33139 or call 305-604-9696 to book an appointment.