The Boston Harbor Hotel Prepares To Unveil Boston’s Most Expensive And Luxurious Presidential Suite

We are just a few weeks away from the unveiling of Boston’s most expensive and luxurious presidential suite, which will be found at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The waterfront hotel is preparing to reveal its ultra luxe 3,800 square-foot suite located inside the rotunda. When it opens in mid- to late June, the spacious suite will be the most expensive presidential suite in Boston – setting you back a cool $10,000 per night.

Here’s a sneak peek inside this private residential suite that will be located just above the hotel’s archway (often referred to as the Gateway to the City). Overlooking Boston’s waterfront, the new four-bedroom, Carrera marble bath suite will offer some of the best living space the city has to offer, along with a 1,000 square foot terrace overlooking the harbor. There is a stone-inlaid foyer that leads guests into the suite where they are greeted with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic harbor views. One of the most impressive features is the dramatically high 20-foot glass-domed ceiling offering exclusive views of the archway’s unique architectural design, adorned with a striking crystal chandelier. The suite, which was designed by Smith Firestone Associates, a luxury interior design firm with offices in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and New York City, also features a state-of-the-art media room, spacious living area, dining room, modern kitchen, and did we mention the private elevator?

Boston Harbor Hotel Living RoomPhoto Credit: Boston Harbor Hotel

We caught up recently with Boston Harbor Hotel‘s General Manager Stephen Johnston to discuss if Boston was ready for a suite of this magnitude and what he foresees for Boston’s luxury market.

Tell us about the presidential suite and what makes it so unique to the Boston market.

The presidential suite is going to be complete in about three weeks. We are converting a public function space on the ninth floor into the suite. It will have a magnificent balcony overlooking the ocean that is 1,000 square feet. There are sound and heating on the balcony as well. The fact that it is ocean facing is unique and the suite has a private, exclusive, dedicated elevator designed for just for guests. Some guests like to be prominent while others prefer to be more discrete, so we are able to accommodate both.

Who are you targeting as a client?

We have a range of different clients. Some travel for business and others leisure. We have a lot of Middle Eastern families who like to take a large number of rooms. They come for leisure to shop, while others come for our great doctors and medical visits. It’s a niche market for the city. We also have a lot of high net worth individuals with a celebrity status from America, Asia and Europe.

Boston Harbor Hotel Media RoomPhoto Credit: Boston Harbor Hotel

Do you think Boston is ready for something this high end?

I do actually, simply because it really doesn’t exist anywhere else so far. The Boston Harbor Hotel is 30 years old and is iconic. When you see pictures of Boston and the waterfront, you see our rotunda in all of the images. To have this suite be featured as well will be incredible.

Why do you think Boston has seen a trend in recent years for a quest for a more luxurious lifestyle?

It has existed in prime cities like New York and San Francisco, but Boston is sort of a secondary city. We have so many people now moving to Boston. General Electric has its headquarters here, and there are a lot of pharmaceutical and technology companies with a huge presence in the Boston market. Everything is changing in Boston. The food scene is very exciting and progressive. The city is going through something of a renaissance and it’s very exciting.

What do you foresee for the luxury market in Boston?

I think we are showing plenty of evidence that it is growing. Not having had a suite of this caliber has been a hindrance. Before this presidential suite, we didn’t have a suite of this size or quality in Boston.

Boston Harbor Hotel PatioPhoto Credit: Boston Harbor Hotel