Wrestling Legend Ric Flair’s Fiancé: How To Look Great At 50

While you may not know her name, you have probably seen this beautiful woman on the arm of WWE legend Ric Flair in the media. Wendy Barlow,  who tuned 50 in December, is the soon-to-bride of one of the most famous wrestlers in the world Ric Flair.  The two met back in 1993 when the fresh-faced 25-year-old girl auditioned for a role as a wrestling valet. Just finishing college at La Sorbonne in France, she was immediately hired as Ric Flair’s valet and became known as Fifi the French Maid. But after a few years in the ring, the California native left the industry and went on to have four children and live a life out of the spotlight. Five years ago, they reconnected and Wendy Barlow, was once again back in the spotlight and media. But even after more than 20 years, she still looks fabulous and despite her fears of the big 5-0, has made the decision to “age gracefully.”

Wendy Barlow and Ric Flair in 1993
Wendy Barlow and Ric Flair in 1993

“Always being in front of the camera, I was so scared of turning 50 and looking old,” she tells Haute Living exclusively. “I never told anybody my age.”  But after she reached that milestone, she decided to embrace her age. And we don’t blame her because she looks fabulous and …if you can believe it, it’s all natural. No fillers, no botox,  no plastic surgery for this mother-of-four and soon-to-be-wife of the Wrestling legend Ric Flair.

Here, Wendy Barlow sits down with Haute Living and shares her secrets for aging gracefully and naturally. From keeping her body fit and her skin soft and wrinkle-free, her is how she does it.

Wendy Barlow in 2017
Wendy Barlow in 2017


Water, Water, Water

“Water is essential.  First thing I do in the morning is drink 32oz of water. Then throughout the day, I always drink even when I am not thirsty. I know i have to get in my 8 glasses or more a day.  It helps to always have a bottle with you everywhere you go. ”


“Workout at least 30 minutes five times a week. Even when I don’t feel like it I push myself to get my workout done first thing in the morning. I make sure to challenge myself by switching up what I do. Some days I do the Peloton and take spinning classes which are hard but so effective. Other days I run 4 miles and lift weights.”


 “I incorporate yoga into my workouts. It’s a great way to unwind after a strenuous run and before facing the day. Also Ric and I travel all the time so I always bring my yoga mat with me. As soon as I get to the hotel room i pull out my mat and my laptop and do yoga. Right now, I am loving Asana Rebel. It is great because it is yoga that burns fat.”

No Lines Allowed

“Every night I lather La Mer moisturizer on my face. It keeps my skin hydrated and keeps away the wrinkles. Also, I can’t live without Amore Pacific serum. I use it under my moisturizer day and night.”

Body Butter

“Along with my face, it is so important to keep your body hydrated. As you get older your skin gets drier and Josie Maran Body Butter with Argan Oil does the trick and makes my skin so soft.”20171015_1611001

Travel Must Haves 

“To combat the puffy eyes and dryness from flying, I bring my favorite Peter Thomas Roth cucumber eye mask with her. It works every time. Oh, I use saline in my nose before I get on a plan because that helps with the puffiness and dryness.” 13-01-404-LI

Barlow, who travels at least once a week, stresses the importance of  taking a multi-vitamin every day and getting enough sleep. Her beauty regimen is very simple, little makeup (for everyday wear she only puts on her favorite mascara- Better than Sex by Too Faced Cosmetics), clean eating and everything in moderation. Whether it is genetics or just her healthy habits, Barlow has no plans for any cosmetic enhancements in the future. “I am just not interested in any of that stuff,” she says. “I just want to age gracefully”Resized_20170526_123302

Some advice she lives by: “Eat clean and healthy but don’t obsess,” she says. “If I go out and eat fajitas, i don’t freak out because I know that I will eat healthy for my next meal. It’s all about moderation. “