Alexa And Three Day Rule Want You To Have A Date For Valentine’s Day

coupleIf it’s your New’s Year Resolution to find love in the coming 12 months, one matchmaking service has your back. Three Day Rule (TDR), a matchmaking company with outposts in nine US cities, has announced a fun new partnership with Amazon’s Alexa. Starting on Sunday, January 14, TDR will offer a daily dose of dating every morning until Valentine’s Day. Simply ask Alexa for the TDR tip and you’ll get a quick 30-second tidbit that will boost confidence, provide data about dating, or teach you how to flirt.

CEO of the Three Day Rule Talia Goldstein
CEO of the Three Day Rule Talia Goldstein

One of the things that makes TDR different from other matchmaking services is that the matchmakers spend a lot of time listening to user feedback. “Both parties, the match and the client, give us feedback after. That way we learn as we go, what you’re liking, what you’re not liking,” Talia Goldstein, the founder and CEO of TDR explains. “Maybe you’re doing something on the date that you could tweak a little bit. What we’ve found is these really small changes make a big difference in dating to help you with your dating game.” These findings combined with a love for Alexa inspired Goldstein to come up with the idea for the collaboration. “We decided to do this Alexa app to try to help as many singles as possible around Valentine’s Day, since this is busiest time of year. And typically, people make it their resolution to find love in 2018. So, we wanted to do 30 days where we can offer some of these tips to help as many people as possible,” Goldstein says.

Three Day Rule matchmakers
Three Day Rule matchmakers

Goldstein and her team of matchmakers hand-picked each nugget of wisdom. The information is a mixture of tips and challenges that encourage the listener to put down their phones and get out of their comfort zone. “Pick only one app to focus on and commit,” Alexa says in a tip titled Avoid Swiping Fatigue. “Be open-minded when swiping and reach out to anyone you find interesting. Try to meet in person sooner to watch the sparks fly! You got this.” “Today you are going to walk up to three strangers and strike up a casual conversation,” Alexa challenges you to talk to someone new. “Remember what it was like to actually interact with another human, before the days of swiping and social media? Most of us are out of practice so take the time to do this today. We promise it will help your dating game.”

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 While you may be wondering how speaking to strangers will get you a boyfriend,  TDR’s Alexa advice is meant to inflate self esteem and increase social awareness. “All these things, that might not lead to a date in the moment, will really help your dating game and your confidence and your ability to go and have real conversations with people,” Goldstein says. Another crucial element to dating in 2018? Having an open mind. Goldstein believes the key to a successful match is often thinking outside of the box. “Most of our success stories came to us wanting one thing, and we matched them with someone a little bit different, and they went on to get married. A big part of dating is opening your mind slightly. So, some of our challenges encourage the users to do that.”


The 30-day TDR dating bootcamp is accessible to anyone who has an Alexa—and the info will never disappear, so you can access it after Valentine’s Day. Simply ask Alexa for the daily dating tip after you inquire about the weather. You never know what may happen. “We believe if you do it for 30 days, by the time Valentine’s Day arrives, hopefully you have a great date,” Goldstein. “Otherwise, you’ve learned a lot about yourself, and you’re really equipped to find love in 2018.”