Personal Trainer JJ Flizanes Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets

JJ-FlizanesPhoto Credit: Courtesy of JJ Flizanes

If there’s anyone who can help you shed that unwanted weight once and for all in 2018, it’s JJ Flizanes. She’s a holistic fitness and lifestyle coach, empowerment strategist, author, and the host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast. Here, the LA personal trainer fills us in on how losing weight and keeping it off forever is about much more than just diet and exercise.

What are your secrets for keeping weight off forever?

Gaining weight is an indication of a few things. It could be a change in hormones, eating too many inflammatory foods that disrupt healthy digestion, an ineffective exercise plan or emotional eating to repress uncomfortable feelings such as fear, anxiety, shame or anger.

In order to keep weight off forever, you must change your lifestyle and incorporate all aspects of The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight and End Body Shame.  

The secrets in my book will uncover what you are missing and help you make a plan you can navigate throughout your life. The weight loss journey is much deeper than calories and exercise. Without taking that deeper dive, you may stay stuck, frustrated and unsuccessful.

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to lose and keep weight off?

Count calories and only do cardio.

What should they do instead?

Find a way to reduce all starchy carbs in the diet, incorporate more veggies in every meal, include healthy fats and create a smart exercise program that safely and efficiently builds muscle to increase metabolism while protecting your joints.

What types of workouts are most effective for keeping the weight off forever?

There is no exact type as most people need a combination of strength training and cardio so as long as both of those are efficient, you can do many types of exercises and cross train for balance, strength and flexibility.

What types of changes do you recommend making to your diet for long lasting results?

Eliminate all foods that disrupt your digestion. You will need to do an elimination diet or get blood work done to uncover which foods they are. We all have sensitivities. Cut out or cut way down on sugar and starchy carbs. Add more veggies. Try to eat organic and nonGMO. Eat less (or no) packaged foods. Cook more from scratch. Grow some of your food or buy from local farmers.

How does your mental and emotional wellbeing play a role in a weight loss journey?

It’s the foundation. Weight loss is not about diet and exercise. While both of those play a major role, if you are an emotional eater, the root of your emotions will sabotage any efforts of willpower if you don’t heal the emotional wounds.

What are your tips for staying healthy, fit, and motivated all year long—not just in January?

Make a detailed plan for all of it. Get accountable. Hire someone or be a part of a group that meets regularly. Making change is uncomfortable and scary sometimes and most of us quit when no one else is looking. Invest in yourself. Value yourself and ask for help. If you have never been there before, how do you know how to get there? There are many sciences at play with these goals and the average person won’t know them so reach out and get help so you can have the clarity, freedom and success you are looking for.