ClassPass Rolls Out Beta Testing For Credits

CP Image 8Photo Credit: ClassPass

ClassPass- essentially the Netflix for boutique fitness studios in major cities across the globe has just rolled out their latest update: Credits. Most fitness aficionados are familiar with ClassPass who’s initial allure was a fixed cost for unlimited amount of fitness classes in a given monthly cycle. The company eliminated this option dropping the class maximum to 10 classes per month with the option to add on 3-packs in case/when you use up your 10 classes. Their newest update comes in the form of credits.

According to the ClassPass website this is how credits will work: “We want to give you more flexibility in deciding how you work out every month. Classes will now have different credit values based on time, equipment, how often you’ve visited and more, allowing you to better tailor your membership.

Booking lower credit classes means you can take more classes every month. Afternoon yoga class or gym time might be fewer credits than an evening bootcamp, allowing you to work out more often on the same budget.”

The best part about this beta system is that there are no longer studio limits, meaning you can book your favorite studio more than the previously allowed 3 times. To get additional visits to most of your favorite studios, this will only cost you a few credits more.

Not everyone has been upgraded to beta test but if you are chosen you will receive an email from ClassPass alerting you of this change for your next upcoming cycle. As of now there are not definitive plans to expand this network wide but they are continuing to test and evaluate this new way to maximize membership benefits.

So far ClassPass has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the groups they’ve tested thus far so with that feedback in mind they are expanding the beta test of credits to additional subsets of members in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to  keep an eye on your inbox especially if your cycle is nearing the end.