LIV Completes $10M Renovation—Here’s A First Look Inside

LIV nightclub renovationsPhoto Credit: Haute Living

In just nine weeks, globally-renowned nightclub LIV at the iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel has accomplished the impossible—they’ve undergone an incredible $10M renovation that has transformed the nightlife destination into one of the most high-tech, all-encompassing, 360-degree experiences of all time. Shutting its doors was a tough decision that the group put off for some time, Fontainebleau COO Philip Goldfarb and Mo Garcia of MMG shared, as the nightclub is a continuous money-making machine. But the time had finally come, and they couldn’t have chosen a better time to revamp the hot spot—and miraculously accomplished the feat in just a few quick weeks of the tail-end of the summer.

So, the real question is, why now? The nightclub certainly wasn’t suffering that changes were pivotal to its survival. “We take pride in always being ahead of the curve—whether it be music or technology—it’s been nine years, and we live in a time of social media where we live in the now,” Mo Garcia explains. “There’s no time to catch up. It’s a little bit nerve wracking to shut down a business that is doing so well, but we felt dated and it had to be done. $10 million later, I’m happy to say that we reached what we wanted to accomplish.”

The new and improved design includes a revamped upstairs area in the previous skyboxes of neon yellow bars that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, LED panels throughout the entire nightclub, new marble floors and granite tops, beautiful banquets, and of course, the most pinnacle feature—a massive LED chandelier shaped like a spider that rests at the impressive dome of the ceiling and moves up and down choreographed to the music when activated. This feature alone took up a massive portion of the renovation dollars and time, but it is oh so worth it.

liv nightclub renovationsPhoto Credit: Haute Living


“The dome is what makes the club,” Mo Garcia explains. “It’s the iconic, signature feature and we’ve just added an atomic bomb to it—it’s an explosion of movement, of light, and what we’re trying to accomplish is a 360-degree experience. In every direction, you’ll have someone snapping, Instagram storying, taking a picture or looking at the impressive structure, and you’re going to see it pop.”

The structure is a one of one, meaning you can’t find it anywhere else. The team worked with Steve Lieberman and iCrave Designs to create this masterpiece, which is composed of an astounding 410 LED lights and fans that keep it moving. This powerful machine takes plenty of time and coordination, which Garcia explains is a work in progress, but will be fine-tuned to choreograph each night’s performance. “This is going to come down at that point in the night where we really want it to explode,” he says. And we’re certain it will.

“LIV has always been the place to go in Miami and it really sets the bar for everybody. It’s equivalent to anything in Las Vegas, New York, Dubai—it’s a world-class nightclub. We’re happy we’ve finally gotten the chance to do this renovation and the features are timeless that will keep us ahead of the game for years to come. It’s going to create a very special experience,” Philip Goldfarb stated.

This weekend, LIV will offer a sneak-peek into the new spot where guests will get to experience a first glimpse of the nightclub with a killer lineup—Travis Scott on Friday, Skrillex on Saturday and the world-famous LIV on Sunday to close out the weekend. This will be followed by the official grand opening the first week of October, which is guaranteed to be a can’t-miss, over-the-top experience.

And MMG owner David Grutman has more than one reason to be celebrating today—aside from the reopening of his nightclub, he’s more importantly celebrating the birth of his first child. Last night, his wife Isabela gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they’ve announced is named Kaia. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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